Christine 'Christie' Argent is a childhood friend of Peter Talbot, even going through High School.  She's also the Third-in-Command of Peter, next to Ashley, once she enters the Werewolf World.


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Short and hot temper, immense strength and agility despite her size, and physically aggressive nature when it comes to Peter or Mikey, whenever they do something perverted together, mostly spying on girls in the nude or in skimpy bathing suits. Because of this, Christie is described as being "one fuse short of a cannon".

This side of her is usually reserved for Peter. The other pack members, and future residents of Talbot Hall, of whom she is protective, care for Christie like a sister. She is reliable and responsible. They all cheer her on and support her during her studies. As the story progresses, the girls become envious of Christie, because of her beauty, and most importantly because of her relationship with Peter. Some are driven to the point where they start to dress and act like her. Despite attempts to break them apart, the girls eventually see Christie as a role model to follow and be like in the future.

Her character follows along with the beautiful-nerd disposition with the exception that she is actually very spontaneous and sometimes quite clumsy.


  • Software & Computer Knowledge: Christie has created her own net idol webpage and currently stars herself as Net Idol Chrissy. She is well versed in using image-enhancing programs such as Photoshock and digital cameras to make herself look more enticing. This also helps with her hacking abilities to cover up the Werewolf conspiracies that pop up on the webpage, by changing the photos of themselves that people catch of them in action.

  • Hacking Abilities: She is able to hack into large databases using nothing more than a laptop computer, and is able to put up firewalls and other protection programs to a certain extent.  She can cross-reference articles and other sources of information, which she later uses to deduce Peter's identity as a werewolf and the existence of the paranormal and supernatural.