Full Moon High is a side-story to the Goosebumps Adventure story.  It tells of a pack of teenage werewolves defending their hometown from outside forces, as well as werewolves that attempt to harm their hometown, all the while trying to live normal lives.

Plot SynopsisEdit

The story is about a young boy named Peter Talbot, who is an orphaned boy being raised by his grandfather, Sir John Talbot.  On a Spring Break camping trip, Peter is attacked by a strange creature, who bites him.  In no harm at all, Peter begins to experience changes to himself, becoming physically strong and faster; his senses heightened as well.  But the biggest change for him happens on the Full Moon.

Discovering he's become a werewolf, he finds out his grandfather is a werewolf too.  The two have an understanding and bond together, teaching the young boy every trick he learned to control the Beast within.  And also learned that werewolves were once Protectors of Humanity.  After hearing that, Peter makes it his tradition to protect others as well, just until he learns to control his newfound gifts. 

And things get worse for him, as he accidentally thralls a few friends and classmates.  Now Peter has the responibility of being a pack leader, helping his friends with their gifts.  But things go from bad to worse, as the rising of their lycanthrope brings in trouble.  Dark Trouble.  Becoming a pack and learning of the traditions of Lycans being protectors, this group's afterschool acitivity now rolls around protecting their hometown from the Evil in the Darkness.

You think being a teenager was tough, try being a werewolf teenager.


Talbot Pack

They're the ones that Protect

Gabriel's Pack

They're the ones that Harm