Maria DeBlanca, the Soldier

Maria DeBlanca in human and Lycan form. Drawn by Stoneman85


Maria DeBlanca, second beauty of the Beauty Trio, and the champion of the archery club.  She's also the first of the trio to accept being a werewolf, and also the more rational and cool headed one of the bunch.


Name:  Maria DeBlanca

Age:  16

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown





Maria DeBlanca is a student in Peter Talbot's classroom.  She’s also one of the Beauty Trio, a self-made group of her, the star member of the Archery Club, Ashley Norwest, the School’s Number One Beauty Queen, and Sarah Pattrel Sarah Pattrel], the hottest cheerleader of the school, as well as the stepdaughter of a billionaire. To most, she is known as the sole daughter of the DeBlanca family and a star athlete on campus. Behind her family’s public image, however, lies a considerably different true face—her parents and grandparents before them, claimed to have fought in just about any modern warzone you could name, from Afghanistan to Yugoslavia to East Timor, as part of a paramilitary unit.  Maria's got the chops to make those claims sound plausible, too; she's a master of firearms of all kinds, and demonstrates skill in the martial arts.


  • Human:  In her human form, she has dark tanned skin and long black hair, Pouter-Rican/American, sixteen years old, and dazzling brown eyes. She has a slender figure as well. Her usual outfit is a black turtleneck sleeveless shirt that clung to her chest, a white leather jacket that ended above her belly button with her sleeves rolled up mid her forearms. Blue jeans that clung to her thighs, and boots as well.

But most of the time, she wears a blue shirt with no sleeves and exposes her back, with khaki jeans and red sandals.

  • Werewolf:  In her Werewolf form, Maria's body becomes more filled out, like heroine filled out.  Her ears grow to wolf sized points, her eyes become golden, and her muzzle's a bit small due to being a female werewolf.  Her body's covered in dark brown fur matching her hair.  Her underbelly fur is a reddish brown, from cheeks to mid inner thigh, as well as the tip of her tail.  Her tail is of medium length and bushy.


She is seen to be distant from everyone else, except for Ashley and Sarah, who were her first friends.  That bond has remained strong, even in High School, as well as their new Lycan lifestyle.


Maria has incredible accuracy as shown throughout the series. She is capable of shooting enemies with a sniper rifle in a time-span of seconds. She is shown to be very efficient with guns, rifles and other armed weapons, as well as the use of coins as projectiles, due to her father being a rifle and gun fanatic.