Mikey Corvic, the Sentinel

Mikey Corvic in human and Lycan form. Drawn by Stoneman85

 Mikey Corvis is Peter's best male friend since the seventh grade.  An expert in digital and old-fashioned cameras, he's the one you wanna go to for a videos of girls.  He is also the second werewolf made in the Talbot Pack.


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Mikey has a relatively kind personality. He's not strong or determined in his abilities, but he thinks about others when he discovers things. He takes particular notice on small things which almost anyone else would have missed. He has shown signs of wanting to help others despite the situation and has a strong friendship with the ones he deems friends. He is usually calm even in the midst of danger and isn't afraid of what people see him as, considering he has taken numerous perverted videos, suggesting he may even be willing to accept his career as he seems to take his cameras seriously enough to not even let another person use them.


Mikey's abilities are mostly left unknown, however he has been noted to despite his appearance, be able to take note of small details very easily. Not only that, he has also known for his ability to use cameras effectively in a lot of different situations like during an attack. He seems to have a strong skill in being able to film others without noticing and is rather brave being able to film even perverted videos without care of what may happen to him.

As a werewolf, he has heightened senses, strength, and claws.  He's a Beta class werewolf, stating that his abilities are served as a sort of guard for the Alphas.