Sarah Pattrel, the Gymnast

Sarah Pattrel in human and Lycan form. Drawn by Stoneman85


Sara Pattrel is the second richest girl in Sherman High school, the third girl of the Beauty Trio, including her, Ashley Norwest, and Maria DeBlanca.  She is also the third of them to be transformed into a werewolf.  And is the financial backer of the Cave the Talbot Pack's second home.


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Sarah first appears as a girl who has a grudge against Tom Sizemore, the head Linebacker for the Sherman High Timberwolves.  She’s noted to be a refined girl who shouldn't have connections with someone like Tom or Peter. She had been shown nagging him and even once slapping him. She had been shown to have little connections with romance and was shown to be clumsy enough to mistake who wrote her a love letter.

However, as she opened up and forgave Tom for a huge misunderstanding, she continued to have feelings for him and easily shown signs of jealousy. She has shown strong feelings towards him to the point she even ran up to him, and kissed him on the lips.  It even went as so far as she gave herself to him in the gymnastics storeroom (in which she first transformed, and passed the curse/gift of werewolfism to Tom, after they did it).

Despite her rich upbringing and first impressions, she's determined to do her own work to help out with everyone else.  She also likes to be like everyone else, which is why she dyed her hair pink.  She was willing to put herself in danger for Tom, who at the time, she still was angry at. She seems to be much more upfront about her feelings and is more blunt, not afraid to confess no matter the reply.  Despite being friends, she holds a secret grudge against Ashley Norwest for being the school number one idol, while she is only the second idol. She is extremely annoyed that the reason she lost to Ashley was due to the fact that guys love a sophisticated blonde.


Being a Cheerleader, Sarah is highly skilled in athletic ability, allowing her perform leaps of unrealistic feats, acrobatic capabilities, with extended endurance, and sheer force.  This is also enhanced in her werewolf form, along with her claws and fangs.

In either wolf or human form, Sarah uses her looks and body to her advantage in either combat or infiltration.  However, what is more to her is her speed.  She is the fastest on either two or on all fours, despite her bust size.