the Night Bumpers are the leading hunters/heroes of the GBA universe.


As Courtney read the Book of Goosebumps, she had unadvertidly unleashed all the evil from within it.  Now, she must put it all back, but she can not do this alone.  At first, it was her and a few others, but as time goes on, more friends and teammates are added to the team.

And later on, their adventures and deeds become storybound to the Makai, and those who believe in the supernatural and paranormal.

Members/Future and CurrentEdit

Down here are the members and teammates of the Night-Bumpers.

Courtney Keller - Leader and Wiccan

Justin Seyvont - Gadget/Engineer and Kinsmir Bearer

Elsa Gynoid - Muscle Enforcer and Gestalt

Alex Foxx - Photographer and Scout

Lilith Morrigan- Flyer and Succubus

Leon Blake - Tracker and Werewolf

Zazie Halieday - Kunoichi and Snow Fairy

Victor Cystone - Muscle Berserker and Zombie

International MembersEdit

Tenchi Kansaki - Warrior and Bearer of the Sword of Storms